Hoose three chapters (chapter 17, 20, 21) in the instruction paper and answer the corresponding review questions in thoughtful coherent essays.

Your answer should based on the readings from the textbook Woman and the Making of America, by Mari Jo Buhle, Teresa Murphy and Jane Gerhard.

This assignment must be typed, one inch margins all around and 12 pt font. Do not double-spaced.

Use MLA format.

Write out the entire Review Question that you are answering and italicize it. Put four spaces between each of your answer.

Number each essay. Put the chapter number at the top of each answer. Number your pages.

There are 3 selected chapters that been chosen (chapter 17, 20, 21) and you will need to write THREE to FOUR paragraph answering each chapter question. YOU MUST ILLUSTRATE AN UNDERSTANDING OF THE TEXTBOOK IN YOUR ANSWER.

Do not write any additional answer or answer questions that have not been assigned.

You may not use an entire sentence as a stand-alone quote. You must paraphrase. Use only a portion of a sentence if you want to quote. You MUST CITE the page when you quote directly from the book, otherwise it is PLAGIARISM (and you will get zero). Remember to cite the book!


Here are the chapter questions:
Chapter 17: Describe how Eleanor Roosevelt used the Womens Division of the DNC to create a womens network of reform. How did Eleanor Roosevelt and Molly Dewson help advance the political appointments of women during the New Deal? How did women participate in the New Deal programs?

Chapter 20: Discuss the Historic victoriesfor womens rights activists in the 1960s and 1970s. What major equal rights legislation passed during this time? Why was reproductive freedom considered a womens rights? What were some of the womens rights organizations? How did the Civil Rights Movement influence these womens rights activists?

Chapter 21: Describe the New Left women and the Womens Liberation Movement of the 1970s. What were the Rootsof this movement? What does it mean to say that the personal is political? You should also address at least one of the following: black feminism, Latina/Chicana feminism, and lesbian feminism.

P.s: I will attach the example paper and grading rubric paper to the file.
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