Hoose three different human characters and discuss grendels relationship with eachGrendel by John Gardner

This essay is over the book Grendel by John Gardner.
The essay has to be over the following question
Choose three different human characters and discuss Grendels relationship with each
I would like for the characters to be The Shaper, Beowulf, and Hrothgar
The essay has to contain at least 2 quotations in each body paragraph. The quotations should come from a variety of chapters in each book. Use proper MLA citation (Gardner #)
Margins may be no larger than one inch, it must be double spaced, and in a 12-point standard font.
*Preferable to us Microsoft 1993-2003.
Im not all that great with english so i would really like the essay to sound as a -B type of student.
**It is an expository essay!!!!
If you guys can do this for me i swear i will recommend this to a whole lot of people. i am failing this class and i need this BAD!