Hoose THREE movies with similar ideology/theme/motiff and discuss how they are similar. You can choose any topic you feel is relevant.

Topics open to but not limited to:
Evolution of black men in film, human nature and Disney, social effects of Hollywood and violence, evolution of teens in film, new community in dissenting voice films, transformation of gender roles, transformation of an actors characters, rise of a specific trend in film, transformation of teachers or lawyers in film.
The list above are just a few topic ideas that can be used.
I was thinking something along the lines of Racism and Injustice in filmsand using the movies A Time to Kill and To Kill a Mockingbird, and a third movie like Lincoln Lawyer. Not quite sure on the third movie but the first two are definite. With this topic racism, the awakening, compassion, ethical issues, justice and injustice can all be discussed.
The essay MUST include three movies but is NOT limited to only three. The essay MUST talk about the symbols, motifs, ideology, and binary opposites from the movies, and MUST discuss how the movies are similar. The essay CANNOT strictly be a summary of movies and MUST include a few quotes from the movies.
Must include work cited and a filmography (title, director, production company). Font size 12, double spaced, when referencing to movie must italicize the title.