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Our First Major Essay:
Through our critical readings from Everythingas an Argument, we have discussed the purposes of argument and how pathos, ethos and logos are used in effective persuasion. The purpose of a rhetorical analysis is to examine different kinds of texts, to identify their primary and underlying messages, and to determine how and why they are effective, influential and persuasive.

Starting Point: Magazine Advertisement + Your Analysis
In our rhetorical analyses, we will be expanding our concept of a?textsa? to include more than just written documents, as well as analyzing other kinds of rhetorical strategies. Here, your text will be an advertisement containing both text and images of your choice. You will analyze your ad using the rhetorical concepts and ideas that we have discussed so far in class. You will then produce a written analysis of the advertisement, describing its ideologies and rhetorical strategies, and evaluating its effectiveness and persuasiveness.

A good rhetorical analysis include the following elements:
o An introduction that identifies the advertisement of your choice, offers some background information on the subject, and states your thesis.
o A thesis that identifies the ideologies and rhetorical strategies of your chosen advertisement as a communicative text. In other words, your thesis should answer the following question: what are the ideologies supporting the advertisement and how are they communicated?
o A description of your advertisement. This does not need to be exhaustive but should include enough information that your readers can picture the advertisement and understand your analysis without having to see it.
o Your analysis of the advertisement using the rhetorical concepts discussed. Each element of your analysis should ultimately relate back to your thesis.

Essay Requirements:
a? 8-10 pages, using correct MLA format (see Writeras Help & EAA chp.20)
a? You must go to the Writing Center for essay #1
a? Peer Review Sessions: (min 5-page draft)
a? 2/28 Final draft due along with your advertisement and the Writing Center sheet (Bring one hard copy to class and submit your essay through Cougar Courses (turnitin.com) before class begins.