Hoose your Essay topic in the intructions below. (Choose only ONE World History topic)

** Write an essay of 3-4 FULL pages (top to bottom, not half pages and not including your title page and your bibliography page), double spaced, 12 font, with 1 inch margins. The essay must be on ONE of the topics listed below. You may NOT write on any other subjects.

**Block quotes are useless here and are not allowed as we are demonstrating what were learning and your ability to paraphrase information you find in the sources. In the process youll show me what you understand and comprehend.

**Paraphrased work is always cited in foot or end notes and in the bibliography–which is separate component of the essay and at the end of it.

**Essays must contain ALL of the following components. Since were demonstrating our ability to write a formal history essay youll need to include all components for your work to be considered satisfactory.

Guidelines for Writing Essays–use the following as a check off list before submitting your work :

**Avoid Wikipedia and other online encyclopedic sites such as Answers.com, Yahoo.com, Ask.com, Brittanica.com, etc.

**All students must use at least one of the textbooks for one of their sources. Online eCore material is also valid. The minimum number of sources is three. You may use my entries as a source if I send any through email this week.

**If you use additional websites make certain they are from scholarly sites that end in .edu or .org (museums or university sites make excellent sources). Websites created by textbook publishers also are good. I would suggest you consider the following links from the Fordham Internet

History Sourcebook:

Carolingian Dynasty halsall/sbook1j.html

Medieval Church Life html 5.7.2012; William Duiker and James Speilvogel, India During the Age of the Mughals,World History, Volume I, Wadworth, 2010, 346.

11. Bibliographical references make up the last component of the essay and they should be alphabetized and rely on what are known as hanging indents–these are indents where ever line after the first one are indented 9 spaces. In this way when folks look at your sources they will be easy to identify and find. Single space within the reference and double space between.

12. Last but not least were trying to avoid this kind of comment:

Your essay is both original and interesting; however, the part that is interesting is not original and the part that is original is not interesting.”

Be well. I look forward to reading your work.

-POSSIBLE ESSAY TOPICS–(choose only one of the three)

1) Discuss specific actions taken by Charlemagne that demonstrate his desire to recreate the splendor, sophistication, and effectiveness of the Roman Empire.

2) Regarding medieval Western Europe, discuss specific persons, developments, or projects concerning feudal agricultural production.

3) Regarding medieval Western Europe, discuss specific persons, developments or projects that relied on vassalage (an example would be knights, cavaliers, caballeros, chevaliers–they are all the same thing), and oaths of fealty. Please do not discuss the 100 Years War–well look at it in Unit 11.

4)Discuss Medieval European developments and/or persons connected with the rise and influence of gothic (pointed) architecture, and the growth and significance of towns.

5) Compare major aspects, mission, goals, effects, or religious centers of Celtic Monasticism (England and Ireland) with that of important Catholic monastic orders from the Middle Ages (Benedictines, Cistercians, or Franciscans) or with those from the Crusades (Knights Templar). Note, the Jesuits arose during the Renaissance so you may not discuss them).

REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS: (Use 2 of these tx. book sources when citing.

Title : The Human Record Sources of Global History
Author : Andrea, Alfred
Overfield, James
Publisher : Houghton Mifflin
Edition/Year : 6th/2009