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Paper #1: Summary, Analysis, and Conclusion

This paper is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding of the material we have covered so far: the structure of argument (claim, evidence, tone); how to summarize a written argument (identify the original source, identify the claim and main points, omit examples, minor points, and asides, be clear and concise, and use attributive tags); how to analyze a written argument (break the argument into its component parts discuss each part in terms of the authoras strategy and its effectiveness or lack thereof, and draw a logical conclusion/evaluation based on your analysis).

Choose an opinion/editorial column (not a letter to the editor) from a newspaper as your primary source. Assume a reader who has quickly read the column, but perhaps not thoroughly or carefully. Your goal in this paper is to offer brief summary of those aspects of the column you want to highlight as you analyze how the argument works as a piece of persuasive writing, and to evaluate the overall effectiveness of it on a reader who does not already agree. Thus, there are three components to your paper: summary, analysis, and evaluation.

Your paper should be or have:
1. 750-1,000 words long (3-4 pages)
2. Titled; double spaced; New Times-Roman; 12-pt font; pages numbered
3. Bibliography/Works Cited with a correct MLA-style citation of your article (no additional sources required)

Words to the Wise:
1. Start early so you donat have to rush, you can take breaks when you need to, and come back to the paper with fresh eyes.
2. Remember that writing is hard work, and it is crafted; that means there are steps and stages to the process. You should always plan to revise (multiple drafts).
3. When the paper is finally written, there is editing. Catch your own errors and correct them, youall be much happier with your grades.