Hoosing a topic to write on from the discussed topics in the lecture (from week 1 to 3).

This assignment is meant to be completed with the format below and the student is meant to identify a theme from the subject areas discussed from week 1 to week 3, which are: Week 1: The political Sociology of crime and Disorder(we discussed the Introduction: Key themes, Issues and Questions.) Week 2: Theorizing crime (we discussed what is crime? How do we explain crime? what is the function and meaning of crime? Week 3: Wealth, Crime and Disorder. ( we discussed The Business of white collar crime).

Please make use of the week 3 topic please, i am more interested with the week 3 topic i.e the business of white collar crime.

Proposed Theme or Subject:

Why have you chosen this theme/subject?

Key Research Questions (No more than 3)

Please provide an outline plan of what and how you will address this theme/subject.

How will your work fit with the overall aims and objectives of the module?

What are the main resources available to you?

Referencing Requirements:
Harvard styled