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Chapter 1: Introduction (500 700 words) [see also Dissertation Handbook]
i?  Brief review of your research topic and some remarks on literature on your research field; brief introduction to your research method and/or case company; statement of your research objectives and research questions. (See also Dissertation Handbook)

Chapter 2: Literature Review / Theory Review (2000 a 2500 words)
i?  critical review of the literature and theory which you are going to apply for analysing your research data (in chapter 5); only review theory / literature in chapter 2 selectively, that means only review literature / theory which you later use in order to analyse your questionnaire data / interview data / secondary data / etc. (in chapter 5). At the end of chapter 2: Re-state on about one page your research questions and research objectives, using the theoretical / technical language you introduced in chapter 2 !!!

Chapter 3: Research Methods Chapter (1200 a 1500 words)
i?  Review in this chapter research methods literature (e.g. a book like a?Research Methods for Business Studentsa? by Saunders, M. et al.; or a?Business Research Methodsa? by Bryman, A.; many similar books are in the library !).
Only explain in the chapter how you used a certain research method (e.g. questionnaire study / or interview study / or secondary data analysis) for the purposes of your dissertation. You need to reference your discussion with literature on research methods (e.g. the kind of books I mentioned above).
DO NOT generally, abstractly summarize research methods literature without any mentioning of your study!! Rather, explain how you used a certain research method: e.g. what kind of questionnaire did you construct? What answer format did you choose for your questionnaire questions? Why? How did you formulate questions in your questionnaire? How many / when / where did you sample questionnaires? What biases did you control for when constructing your questionnaire / collecting questionnaire data? What was your response rate? Etc.

Chapter 4: Data Presentation Chapter (2000 a 2500 words)
i?  In this chapter you quite descriptively present your questionnaire findings / interview findings / etc. You summarize and describe.
If you did a questionnaire: You can use tables / figures / graphical displays to present and summarize data (pie charts, column graphs, other charts, etc.). The software Excel has many options for such data display. One page of graphical display in Chapter 4 is equivalent to about 400 a 500 words written text !!
If you did interviews: you need to summarize interview data for common themes (which should already reflect headings / topics from your literature review). In the case of interviews: you should also use literal quotations now and then, sparingly, to back up your summaries of what people said to you.

Chapter 5: Data Analysis Chapter (2000 a 3000 words)
i?  This is the most important chapter of your dissertation. You have to critically apply in this chapter the theory / literature, which you introduced in chapter 2, to the data you collected and which you descriptively presented in chapter 4.
In Chapter 5, you try to make sense what your data (chapter 4) means in the light of the theory / literature (chapter 2): Can the theory / literature explain what you found? Why? Why not? Are any gaps in the theory / literature which your data uncovers? Can you even make suggestions how to improve / revise theory, on the grounds of the data you collected?
In chapter 5, you need to use literature / theory references again (same kind of books and journals as you reviewed in chapter 2). You do not have to explain theory and literature again (You already did this in chapter 2), but you need to demonstrate how theory / literature (from chapter 2) relates to your data.
All literature introduced in chapter 2 needs to be used by you in chapter 5 to analyse and interpret data ! (If you find out at this stage that you introduced too much / too little / the a?wronga theory in chapter 2, then go back to chapter 2 and revise and re-write it !)

Chapter 6: Conclusions (500 a 1000 words) [see also Dissertation Handbook]
i?  Summarize the key findings of your dissertation. What new, exciting insights did your research generate? What are your key answers to your research objectives and your research questions?

I have written the introduction and a part of methodology which is from my previous essay. I can re-write this part by myself as the method is the same. Please write the rest of the dissertation and also provide the interview guide for me. The number of interviewees is 6 and each interview should last about 30 minutes. You can revise the research questions if you have more appropriate one. I will upload my work and the feedback from my supervisor later and please follow the instructions. Thank you!