Hopsticks Only Works in Pairs Book Analysis

The writer must be very familiar with the book Chopsticks only works in pairsby ShanShan Du and write a paper on the following:

First, analyze the role of women and men in families in the culture you read about. In this analysis you may include a discussion of topics such as: economic/labor role, parenthood, childrearing, marriage/divorce practices, reproductive issues, sexuality, family/kinship structure, household composition, or other topics that may be relevant in the book you read.
Your second task will be a bit of comparative analysis. Given what you have learned about families in the book Chopsticks only works in pairschoose one or two topics to compare with practices in US culture. So in this second part of the paper (apx. 2 pages) you will be comparing US culture in general. Try to focus on discussing some of the underlying cultural values that shape these practices in the US, not just a description of the differences/similarities between US and the other culture.