Hose and research an organisation with a particular focus on a current HRM issue or process


1. Choose and research an organisation with a particular focus on a current HRM issue or process.
2. Critically review the influences on this issue and its impact on the organisation.
3. Evaluate the organisationas approach and compare this to contemporary theory and perspectives.
4. Make reference to theoretical concepts and models and relevant examples taken from your reading.
What is a learning log?

1. Similar to a diary, you record the progress of your learning.
2. If you have work experience, use this, if not, research an organisation.
3. It provides a record of the way your thinking has developed over the period of researching and writing your report.
4. Details your attitudes to and knowledge of this issue, before, during and on completion of the research process.
5. You need to reflect on your practical experiences/organisation research but also refer to theories and/or concepts of HRM

Making log entries

You will be required to make at least 3 log entries during the process. It is appropriate to write in the first person. Although a learning log is primarily designed to enable you to reflect on your practical experiences, it is appropriate to refer to theories and concepts of HRM.

It is important to keep your log up to date, completing entries according to the guidance given. You may be asked to bring your log into seminars during the course to review progress.

Log Format

Date Log entry contents words
Between 8th December 10 and 12th Jan 11 Identify your chosen organisation and issue. Summarise your initial attitudes/opinions with respect to your chosen issue and identify appropriate theory and concepts. (Note you will reflect back on this log entry at the end.)

12th Jan 11 to 23rd Feb 11
Review and reflect on your research. Here you could describe and discuss a personal work experience which is related to your chosen topic, reflecting on whether you/others did the right thing? What caused you/others to act as they did? How should similar incidents be handled in the future? You can also reflect on developments in the news (for example if you track a company dispute/strike or coverage of changes to legislation). What arguments are being postulated and why?
These aspects can all be related to HRM practice.

23rd Feb 11 to 16th March 11 Reflect back on the 1st log entry with respect to your attitudes. How has your thinking developed since you began the study? Have your attitudes changed or modified in any substantial way? Why?