Hospitality management trend analysis paper

Hospitality Foodservice and Hotel Management
Child friendly hotels/resorts
Meals on wheels/ food delivery service
Technology in hotels (i.e., plasma TVs, Wi-Fi connections)
Online reservations for hotels and restaurants
Credit card guarantee at restaurant
Automated check a in/out
Automatic e-mail surveys
Gyms and spas; physical fitness in hotels
Online ordering
Faster casual dining
Card keys for hotels/smart cards
Fusion food
World traveling
Restaurants in hotels/grocery stores (i.e., Starbucks)
Rewards points
Smoke free

Pick one of the topics.


A trend analysis offers an opportunity to synthesize current information in your field, interpret ideas and predict how a trend impacts your degree option. Identify an issue or trend in your degree option, within the FCS field, that you believe is significant and focus your report on the potential effects of that issue or trend.

The student will identify an issue affecting Family and Consumer Sciences. The report will summarize the issue and state implications for practitioners and students. The analysis is based on professional journal readings, public policy documents, news reports in credible publications (Time, Newsweek, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, etc.) and/or reputable online publications. The assignment deals with current issues in your field so information should come from sources published within the last year of the assignment due date. Publications from your degree option are appropriate but you may also use journals from related fields, such as those in human services, social sciences, technology or business. The topic should relate directly to your field (Fashion, Child Development, Dietetics, Consumer Affairs, etc.) in FCS. Fashion magazines may be used for this assignment, but should be supplemented with research from academic resources. Assignments are graded as turned in the first time and resubmissions are not allowed.

Using information from your research and knowledge from your own degree option, prepare a report using APA (American Psychological Association) guidelines. Your paper will be a double-spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, with 1a? margins on all four sides and include the specific headings listed below. The text of the paper must be a minimum of three (3) pages long.

Begin the paper with a 12 pt. font Title Page. This should include your name, the class name (FCSE 299), the title of your paper (the title of your trend) and the date. Nothing else should be on this page. Then use these subheadings (actually write these headings in your paper) to start the next page. There are five headings listed here that I will be looking for when grading the paper. Do not add extra spaces between the headings and your text (APA calls for no extra spaces).
Introduction a Introduce the trend in your field and tell the reader what they will be reading about. What is the issue (problem) at hand? Include at least three facts you found in your research about your trend (i.e. 3 out of 4 Americans . . . or 52% of parents report. . .). Be sure to cite using APA. This should be about A? to A? of a page.
Research Says a This is a research-based section of the paper and has no opinions included. Information given in this section is based on your research on the topic. What does the research say? Be sure to cite your sources. This section should be about 1 page.
My Opinion a This is an opinion section; not research based, but what you are thinking. What is your interpretation of the issue and how do you feel about it? Also, what influence do you think the trend will have on your specific field, such as Dietetics, Child Development, Consumer Affairs, etc.? How will the trend impact practitioners in your field? This section should be about 1 page.
Summary a Bring the paper full circle in a paragraph that addresses issues brought up in your introduction and summarizes key points. This page should be about A? to A? of a page.
References This should start on a separate page at the end of your document and should include the articles you researched and reviewed. Use APA format to list these references.