How a Business Admin can lead you into a successful leadership role in financial management

The career I will research is financial managers. The purpose of my study is to present how a BA in Business Admin can lead you into a successful leadership role in financial management. I would like to discuss the salaries, number of jobs available in the US, scope of work and responsibilities, and the education needed to be a financial manager. Below I have provided by me and my instructor.

a? M y audience is college students.
a? Include bibliography on last page
a? Please dedicate one page about the highest paid financial managers in the United States
a? One source is a book I have provided you with a link along with username and password. Once you have logged in please look to the top left and click on BOOKSHELF.There you will find the book named Financial Management for 21st Century


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************INSTRUCTIONS FROM TEACHER**************************

a? Introduction informative heading if possible. Introduces readers to subject, purpose of report, any necessary background, and briefly summarizes the main findings, conclusions, recommendations. Your introduction should answer the questions that have driven your research project:
Will this career be viable for the next decade? Would I recommend that someone enter this field? In a few sentences, why or why not? (major conclusions supported by key findings)

a? Body (use informative headings here). Presents research data and information, findings, and discussion of their meaning. May include preliminary conclusions. The body of your report will cover the issues that you researched, providing the information and analysis that support your recommendation. The major sections will probably include:
o a description of the career in the field that interests you, at entry-level and at various levels of promotion
o qualifications needed to enter the field (obtain the job of interest to you)
o salary and benefits
o supply and demand: numbers of qualified candidates entering the field versus number of employment opportunities in the field
o if applicable, effects of technology (current or foreseen) on the field
o if applicable, other factors such as regional, national, or international economic, social, and/or political trends

a? Conclusion/Recommendations (again, use an informative heading). Summarizes conclusions if they have been presented previously in the Body, draws threads of report together, and presents recommendations.

Supplementary Parts

a? Bibliography. Includes all primary sources (interviews, field research, etc.) and secondary sources used in preparing the report, as well as those directly cited in the report. Put the bibliography on a separate sheet (314). Alphabetize the entries by author or first important word in the title. Follow either APA or MLA bibliography form (Appendix C: A-15 a 19). If you use MLA format, the bibliography is headed Works Cited. If you use APA format, it is headed References. Bibliography entries must be correctly formatted according to the specifications of the style form you have chosen (APA or MLA).

Do not annotate the entries in this bibliography.

Citing References to Sources in the Text of the Report

a? Place references to sources of information in the report (data, direct quotations, summaries, or paraphrases, of information from your reading and interviews) Present in-text citations in MLA style or APA style; your bibliography style and in-text citation style should be from the same style guide. In other words, do not mix APA and MLA. All in-text citations must have a corresponding full-information entry in the bibliography. All information presented in the report must be accompanied by a citation of the source