How acculturation gaps influence family relationships in Vietamese immigrants adolescents and their parents in the United State

For Development/Research: Thoroughly and engaging investigates topic. There must be a strong thesis statement in the introduction. Thesis is clear and detailed. Views topic from mutiple perspectives. Show research ingenuity and originality.Incorporates a variety of reliable primary and secondary sources.
For organization/ Citation: Organizational plan is clearly announced in introduction, and paper follows it. Ideas/ research arrive in logical order. Transitions clearly link complex ideas and topics. Topic sentences encompass all the paragraphs.Introduction and conclusion unify paper by provideing preview, review and closure. Uses assigned citation format.
For the style/ voice: Completely appropriate to papers scholarly purpose. Style is appropriate to audience. Tone is authoritative bu accessible. Objective in word choices, research in a variety of ways, thoroughly critiquinng it for credibility and quality.
For the Mcchanics: Folllows all the Standard Written English conventions. Uses accurate, precise and varied sentence structures. Virtually no grammatical, mechanical or punctuation errors.