How an organization overcame a public relations crisis.

Write a one-page (one side) single-spaced case study report about how an organization overcame a public relations crisis.

The framework for your report should begin with a situation analysis describing the time period, dates, and circumstances surrounding the event. You should do research on the organizationas website and find out their mission, vision, and objectives statements to familiarize yourself with their culture. Examples of crisis situations include plane crashes, school shootings, sex-scandals, etc.

Include important details, list or describe the individuals involved, describe the results of press coverage (positive or negative) and tell what makes this event memorable or important to the public relations profession.

Did the event hurt or help the image and reputation of an organization or individual? How?

Was the power and/or value of those involved damaged or improved?

Defend or criticize how the public relations strategy and actions were implemented. You can evaluate the organizationas use of the RACE acronym.

Include a summary paragraph describing what YOU learned about public relations from the event. Donat forget to check your book for directions.