How an organization uses information technology to become more effective

Article Summaries
There will be two article summaries due during the semester. Articles may come from business literature, or may be substantive newspaper articles. Typical sources (but not limited to these) are: Forbes, Business Week, Fortune, Wall Street Journal. The nature of the article must have something to do with how an organization uses information technology to become more effective, more profitable, or more competitive. The format of the summary is a two to three full page synopsis about how the organization that the article refers to uses IT to enhance its performance. Organizations do not have to be for-profit. They could be in law enforcement, healthcare, education or other non-profit enterprises. You must submit the summary in printed form, along with a printout or photocopy of the article you used. Format is double-spaced, 1 inch margins and 12 point or smaller font. If you have questions about whether a particular article is acceptable, ask me before you invest time in writing the summary. Submission method is the same as for homework.