How can the challenges for business start-ups in China be overcome?

need both academic source and industry source/academic journals and government index.
from Mintell or others.
You are required to prepare a report on an entrepreneurship or innovation issue or challenge.

You will need to conduct some research into an issue or challenge of entrepreneurship and innovation. You will need to draw on theory from the literature in this area. You will need to develop a critical approach to the literature, as it is a representation of a particular viewpoint or argument. Some literature will be more useful than others. The core text (Lowe and Marriot) is a good starting point but you should use a variety of sources drawn from books, journals, the business press as well as online sources. Remember, a balance of sources. Avoid depending totally on online sources. It is recommended that you use examples or cases to illustrate your points. There is the opportunity to reflect on the course material.

You should draw on relevant theory and practical examples to address the question that you have chosen; gradually building a convincing argument leading to conclusions that are grounded in the theory you have used.

u could start with introducing challenges,then critical evaluate and analys the situation,then recommendation.
from general theorty to specific