How can two simillar pairs of shoes from two different labels be sold at two completely different prices in the same area?(

Dear Editor,
I need to write an Extended Essay as a part of my IB-Diploma. My chosen topic is how can two simillar pairs of shoes from two different labels be sold at two completely different prices in the same area?( aachen, town in germany) I want to consider the price of 2 pairs of simillar high heels in two different shops but in the same street. A cheap one (DEICHMANN) and an expensive one (GUCCI) I wanted to include PED (price elasticity of demand) and XED (Cross elasticity of demand) as price factors for the consumers. as non price factors i wanted to bring in substitutes, complements, taste and fashion and income. To write this essay it was suggested to me to do a customer survey with closed questions with a range of options and also to bring in whether these are Oligopolies and there is collusion between the shops.

what kind of questions you would need to have in that already mentioned survey to write the essay?

The essay should have
-the same font throughout with different sizes for heading and text
-clear diagrams
-Havard System of Referencing
-Neat Paragraphs
-Consistent use of bolding, underlining and italics

To start:
-contents page
-source of primary research explained
-sampling method employed
-major sources of secondary sources

The Body text (1)
-how do you structure the essay to include all the major economic points and yet make it flow so that the examiner wants to read on and on
-A clear plan is needed

The Body text (2)
-Separate ounchy paragraphs
-each paragraph has
-definitions (fully)
-application of data
-analysis (using diagrams)
-Evaluation (extent)

-taken from the IBO textbook in your own words
-within the flow of th text
-relevant to the part of the essay
-not repeated

The application:
-direct quotes from the material
-data from research
-within the flow of teh text
-leading to analysis and within diagram labelling
-all referenced using the Havard system

The Analysis:
-fully explained
-in context
-fully described
-fully explained
-Economic concepts
-fully defined
-in context
-fully explained

-both leading to evaluation!!!

The Evaluation:
The degree of effect:
-Data Issues (are they reliable?)
-Theory/Concept Issues (also saying how the essay could have been expanded)
-Further Questions
-Scope of Study
-relate back to the research question

The conclusion:
-Draws on the major sections of the body text and ranks them according to the importance of effect upon the research question (most and least important factor)
-repeats research question
-highlights limitations of the Extended Essay and how it could be improved (e.g. time, more words…)

Please contact me if you have any questions!!

p.s.: i put 100 sources/ references but it is basically just as much as it needs to write this essay. I was told that the research is the most important part of this essay so please try and put in as many references as you need.