How closely management and leadership are connected for maintaining the normal flow of an organization

This essay should demonstrate ability in written English, research and referencing.
I would like you to show paraphrased sentences from the sources.
Also, its a desirable to use academic journals or articles from the websites, but not from the books, otherwise it would be difficult to check paraphrased sentences.

i?? Includes necessary definitions and relevant background information
i?? Thesis statement
Body Paragraphs
i?? Contains topic sentences
i?? Points supported by sourced facts / quotations / examples / explanations
i?? Uses transition signals to clarify structure (200 per paragraph)
i?? Summarises main points
i?? Provides clear, logical conclusion
i?? Evaluates, provides alternatives, speculates about future, etc.

Font: Times new roman, font size: 12, line spacing: 1.5
All pages should be numbered