How conflict influences organizational performance. You need to show how you can apply theory to a real life business situation.

The aim of the assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of the use of Blake & Mouton s model as a tool for analysing and improving management of conflict in organisations.
Full time students have the disadvantage of having few opportunities to observe organisations and organisational behaviour at first hand. However, it is important to practice how to reflect upon your observations of real life, draw conclusions, and learn from them. For this assignment, take a fictional organisation that is portrayed frequently on TV e.g. ER, Casualty, and use it as an example of a  real organisation.
If you are currently working in an organisation, you may use a situation from this as your subject.
Take Blake & Mouton s model of Handling Conflict and show how it can be used to improve relations between individuals portrayed in the programme or in the real life organisation. Use examples from the programme or organisation to support your view.
Draw conclusions and make appropriate recommendations. An action plan will be required.
Notes on completion of the assignment
Some fictional programmes are better than others for analysis. Use only programmes that are based on an organisation e.g. a hospital, police force, office. Avoid programmes such as Friends that are not centred on an organisation.
If you are currently working in an organisation, you may use a situation from this as your subject.
Concentrate on analysis. We are not interested in research in this assignment. There is sufficient material in the course notes for you to use without you trawling the internet. Indeed, using the internet could lose you marks.
Some analysis tools use questionnaires that you will be unable to use. Instead, make an assessment based on what you see, but back it up with evidence from your observations.
You are required to demonstrate the selection and evaluation of information and the ability to communicate a coherent argument in written form.
Please hand in your assignment on or before the cut off date shown below.
Please use A4 size paper and remember to put your name, course and the assignment number at the top of each sheet.
Please use an appropriate report format. You will find an appropriate format in the Study Guide on Blackboard.
The report must contain a bibliography and (5-10) references, which must be referenced using the Harvard system of referencing. You will find details of this system in the Study Guide.
You should aim to complete this entire assignment within 2,500 words. It must be word processed.
help book (organizational bahavior 6th edition Andrej A.Huczynski and David A.Buchanan.) the key point is a story of a real conflict (examlpe. employee drink alcohol) and analyze with one or two theories like negotiations or transactional analysis.