How creative are the filmmakers when presenting a story

Essay Question:

With reference to at least two films, discuss how a filmmaker can creatively use settings, location and a sense of place to present a story.

Choices of films

1) Life is Beautiful (1998): Directed by Roberto Benigni
2) Memento (2001): Directed by Christopher Nolan
3) Taxi Driver (1976): Directed by Martin Scorsese

The 3 book names below are some of my recomendation for the title but if there are more appropriate ones then go with them.

1. Cinematic Storytelling: The 100 Most Powerful Film Conventions Every Filmmaker Must Know
Author: Jennifer Van Sijll

2. Film Directing Shot by Shot: Visualizing from Concept to Screen
Author: Steven D. Katz

3. On Directing Film
Author: David Mamet