How democracy is related to economic development

As you learned from my lecture and readings, there are at least three theoretical positions among political scientists with respect to the question of how democracy is related to economic development (Unit 6). In your essay, discuss each of these theoretical positions and find historical or empirical evidence in support of each of the major arguments.

Your essays should be approximately 7 double-spaced pages, with all direct quotes properly footnoted. Below are instructions and grading criteria.

You essays will be evaluated on the following basis: in the essays you summarize (1) the major problem or question under study, (2) the main arguments of each reading addressed to the problem, (3) the conclusions of each reading, (4) and your critical comments or analysis on the overall readings. The following questions will help you develop your critical thinking: What are the thesis, key arguments/assumptions, evidence/examples in support of arguments, and conclusions in each of assigned readings? Is the thesis/argument of each author clearly stated and readily understood? Does the author provide sufficient evidence to support his or her main argument? If not, what appears to be lacking? Are there any unanswered questions you think the author should address in the work? Do you have any suggestions for the future research? These writing assignments will not only familiarize you with the issues, problems, theories in the field but also help you develop the conceptual ability, creative and critical thinking, and writing skills in political science.