How design can prove its commercial value with a measured ROI. explore two fashion case-studies

i?? Over the last fifteen years or so there has been a steadily increasing desire for design to prove its commercial value. to demonstrate to clients that their investment is tangibly worth iti?? Design Council 2010.
how design can prove its commercial value with a measured ROI
explore two fashion case-studies citing at least 5 relevant academic/ industry references

Above is the essay requirement. And here is some of my thoughts: if we could discuss this from different perspectives? e.g..from the firms, the designers, the clients, the industrys. ? And for the return on investment, except the traditional meaning(money), if we could add in time or something else in investment? and for return, if we could add in and measure customer loyalty, employee satisfaction something like this as well?
ps: this essay is for applying MA Fashion Design Management of London University of Arts

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Although I chose 1250 words, the requirement is 1500. so if you could write 1350 that will be better.

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This is what I found online: The recession of the early 1990s demanded that design stake its claim to straitened budgets
above the line advertising reaches fewer and fewer people, so companies are looking for other routes to achieve a return on marketing investment; and perhaps design is growing up as an industry i?? recognising itself, and being recognised by clients, as a commercial tool, not just an exercise in beautifying. Other areas of marketing communications already operate on a strictly commercial basis, so why shouldni??t design?
More clients are asking tough commercial questions of their design projects, measuring and assessing as they go. And switched on designers will talk in terms of business objectives right from the outset, maybe before the design brief is actually nailed down. But even so, measuring return on investment (ROI) is notoriously difficult. So why bother?”