How did African American and Native Americans shape Colonial America and how were they shaped by Colonial America

Prompt: Both Daniel Richters Facing East from Indian Country and T.H Breen & Stephen Innes Myne Owne Ground provide insight into colonial American race relations. Based on your readings of these two books, how did African American and Native Americans shape Colonial America and how were they shaped by Colonial America?
Your essay should:
a? Demonstrate an understanding of the course texts including their central argument
a? Connect the text(s) to lecture material
a? Answer the prompt!
a? Be well written with a clear thesis, paragraphs that develop specific points, transitions between paragraphs and few grammatical errors.
While you should feel free to draw off of the textbook and/or lecture for information the bulk of your essay should be interacting with the primary sources. Please not use any outside sources, ESPECIALLY WIKIPEDIA!
Cite your work, though no need for a bibliography. As far as when to cite: Always cite when you are quoting from a text, otherwise you want to cite anytime you are borrowing an idea or argument that is not your own. As a general rule, it is always better to over cite rather then under cite.
Your paper needs to be 2 double spaced pgs in length. Aim for 2 full pages, in other words I do not want one full page and 2 sentences on the next page, nor do I want 3 or more pages.
Use standard fonts and margins!!! Your font should be 12pts, Times New Roman, with standard double spacing. Your margins should be 1 inch all around. Use standard essay format. You should have an introductory paragraph that lays out the basic structure of your essay. Each paragraph should build off of the structure set up in the introduction. Make sure you answer the question as posed in the prompt.
a? Summary + Analysis 🙂 TA! Synthesize, rather then simply quoting or parroting what the authors are arguing, and then add your own opinions.
a? Too many quotes 🙁 TA. For a 2 pg paper do not use more then 2 quotes, and those quotes should be minimal. In a paper this length there is nothing wrong with not quoting at all. Do not be afraid to use your own voice.