How did George M. Fredrickson recalculate the definition of self-evident truth?

the essay should have 2 intros. the essay should be relavant AND ELABURATE ON THE DEFINITION. you even have to elaburate jeffersons def. of self evidant truth. You have to talk about the dominant (they see theirselves intitle to own slaves bcz of Euroscepticism,have power and money) and indominant groups within the essay.the 4 basic concepts of how ethnic or racial groups should relate: ethnic hierarchy, one-way assimilation, cultural pluralism, group separatism. How is the original def. in assents to Lockes def. Does his theories work or no and do they apply.
talk even how did he change.
for more references use models of American Ethnic Relations: A Historical Perspective and for Jeff. notes on the state of virgenia from the book reading America : Cultural Contexts for Critical Thinking and Writing or any other helpful sources.