How did september 11 change the life of socities ?

narrow down your investigation to a specific aspect of the subject and explore a hypotesis

format and style :

never use slang, short forms or contractions (she s they re )

NEVER use first person pronouns ( me, my, mine we us

limit the inclusion of personal experiences. let your personal experiences and views serve as inspiration, but use facts and quotes taken from your research sources to make your point.

INformation sources :

write information taken from reserach sources in your own words, and provide a source reference immediately after any lines of text taken directly from research material.

complete bibliographical information for all the information sources that you have used or cited, no matter what the source whether it is printed-based (e.g books) electronic (internet, television, radio) or any other type of ressource

Bigliograpbical information

use either footnoes or end notes to refer to informations sources, referring to a bibliography or a list of works cited

remember to provide complete information. for instance, if you use internet based sources, you must provide complete bibliographical information for each reference(not just a web adress). In particular, you must include the following : web-site name, web adress, name of article, site publisher, and date you accessed the site( extremely important, since content changes frequently online)