How digital technology beneficial students?

this essay should to talk about how digital technology can beneficial students study.

digital technology means that like internet, cell phone, computer and so on. instead of just book.

for example, 1.student can use wikipedia for academic information. 2.teacher can post lecture slides on website, can let student essay to learn. And so on.

For your final, you should use at least four sources, two of which have to be from our class readings. Be sure to introduce and integrate these sources so that your paper reads authoritatively. For example, be sure to indicate if one of your source authors is a doctor or research scientist. You should prepare a reference list in advance so you can add it on to your final essay.

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a? Double-space your essay
a? Begin with a title and introduction that effectively introduces your topic.
a? Provide a clear, arguable controlling idea expressed in a well-focused thesis statement.
a? Write paragraphs that have: 1) clear topic sentences, 2) specific, well-developed examples and 3) detailed explanation and analysis of these examples.
a? Write a conclusion that moves from the specifics of your argument to consider larger implications and leaves the reader with something to think about. Synthesize.
a? Proofread your essay carefully. Use the spell-checker and grammar-checker.
a? For citations of sources, use whatever format you are most comfortable with (APA or MLA).