How do the benedictine oblates enable the witness of monastic spirituality to be expressed in secular society

critical analysis throughought.

Comparisons of benedictine oblates to be made with other thisrd orders. such as the fransiscans (sources always to be cited).

issues of the changing nature of society/psychological factors to be concidered in relation to the topic.

Rule of Saint Benedict to be cited throught.

To include a section on benedictine spirituality in the owkplaice.

prefebly no internet references (please advise me if these are required)

To be clear in every paragraph when a source is being cited or when personal opinion is being expressed.

to be written as a dissertation. 2:1 degree level standard

Referencing style as follows:
author/date style,

eg: in the main text Baker, 1989, pp. 27-29.
Then in Bibliography:

Baker, James; The Rule of Saint Benedict, SPCK, London.

Always quote the exact page numbers eg. pp. 22-5, not for exmple just write: chapter 2