How do the situations in the book Not for saleby David Batstone, reflect stratification, inequality, race and ethnicity, gender?

In this paper, you will develop a sociological analysis of the non-fiction book you are reading this quarter. This paper is NOT a book review; rather, you will approach this project from a a?sociologicala? perspective, using a sociological voice and terms and concepts from Sociology as you analyze the book you have chosen in a 3-4 page double spaced paper. (For example, the book NOT FOR SALE relates very well to Chapter 7, Global Stratification, and the ideas in this chapter could form the basis for your analysis of the book. YOU NEED TO UTILIZE A SOCIOLOGICAL FRAMEWORK for your analysis of the book and this framework should be clear in the Introduction and Thesis statement. Also, AVOID using a?Ia, the purpose of this paper, in conclusion, etc. in the paper. Add Quotes from both the nonfiction book and the Essentials of Sociology, ninth edition, text.