How do the theories of semitics and the gaze lead to the understanding and interpertation of images?

topic for essay: how the theories of semiotics and gaze lead to the understanding and interpretation of images?
. you should support your argument with contemporary fashion images (i.e. relevant to todays society).the essay should contain a good discussion of theory, and then apply the theory to analysis of no more than 4 images.
as with all essay you should structure the essay with abstract, an introduction, main body, conclusion and full bibliography.
suggested textbooks:
Bernard,M (2001)approaches to understanding visual culture palgrave macmilan.
chandler, D. (2nd edition 2007) semiotics: the basics Rutledge.
Sturken & cartwright (2nd edition, 2009) practises of looking out
Darley,A (2000)visual digital culture Rutledge