How do toy soldier narrative deal with the contradictions amongest two positions (the two positions explainend in the attached instructions )

1-the essay should deal with the questions or the problims posed
2-demonestrating the relevent textual analysis and a relevent contexual knowledge.
3independent thoughts and originality of approach in interpretive and written practice with engagment with the scholary debate
4-it has to construct a coherent argument and the argument should be related to the topic in all the stage ,and if the evidences deployed and evaluated convincingly
5 are the examples selected appropriate for the topic and if they were discussed and analysed in such away and in suchn depth to advance the argument
6-using the secondary resources .it is likely in the childeren literature ,you will not be able to locate secondary material dealing with a particular topic or specific matters .where secondary material is cited ,it should be as apart of the argument.
the essay should be based on two main texts
1-The steadfast soldierBy Andersen,hans christian
2-Lord of nutcracker menby Iain Lawrence