How does change in a well-trusted brand affect customer satisfaction and customer loyalty : The case of MERCEDES-BENZ

my hypothesis ( and the result of this study should be to answer-how does change in a well-trusted brand NEGATIVELY affect customer satisfaction BUT NOT loyalty: the case of mercedes-benz)

i am asked to submit by my supervisor 3500-4000 words every week, can you help me with that please by giving me that amount of words every week, as i need to know the mercedes-benz dealer chosen in london that my research will be based on. as you are to interview managers, employees, and customers based on interviews and questionnaires consisting of questions that we have to agree upon as i have to take it my supervisor and get them approved, but that is for chapter 4 (last chapter of the dissertation) so we will further discuss it as we proceed with the paper. an attached document points out the scheme on which i will marked on and should follow while doing the dissertation, thank you.