How does dirty work apply to management sales jobs

This paper is for a sociology social organization of work. the topic is very simple the main topic is about dirty work and how it is applied to management and sales, in other words how might being a manager include dirty work and example would be managers are the ones who usually fire employees, usually they are always labeled as the bad guys in the field.
(this paper is a part of a group paper each individual is talking about dirty work and selecting an industry, so it doesnt need to have a formal introduction or conclusion about dirty work in general but specific to dirty work in management and sales)

Some of the points to help guide the layout of the paper:
a? Discussion of job description, tasks, and duties, in addition to how this job classifies as a a?Socially tainteda? occupation.

a? Discussion of societal stigma and internalized stigma. I also want to talk about a?tainted individualsa? and how working with those individuals can create the stigma surrounding a job.
a? Discussion of Wages and how pay contributes to the meaning and value these workers find in their work.

a? Discussion of Gender: What do gender roles have to do with this type of work?

if possible NOT necessary you can incorporate Ashforth and Kreiner they consider dirty work as work that is tainted. (pysically tainted, morally tainted, socially tainted).