How does family contribute to juvenile delinquency?


Tiffany Elmgren
Chaffey College 11:00 am ( the top)

should include the posed social question underlined

The asignment is to write an essay after choosing a social prblem (JUVENILE DELINQUENCY) and posing a sociological question about the problem HOW DOES FAMILY CONTRIBUTE TO JUVENILE DELINQUENCY?is the posed question.

* select 3 sociological ideas (like concepts,theoretical perspectives,statistics) to explain/analyze or relate it to the social problem within the essay.

*apply those 3 sociology ideas (terms,concepts,theories,statistics) w/ definitions and examples

*I want to apply the theory of structural-functionalism & symbolic interactionism in looking the social problem posed in the question from the micro level of family to a meso level.

* include IN-TEXT citations and Quotes from scholary,non scholary sources to illustrate points within the essay writing.quote & cite if using authors word; cite if using authors ideas.

*paper should not merely be a book report or the summary of an observation,instead it should include insights and arguement the micro to meso level supported by scholary and non-scholary sources.

* 2 pages/APA style paper/ standard 12 font,double-spaced w/ standard margins

(bibliography) should include least 4 scholary and non-scholary sources.

paragraph 1: state the issue/posed question and specific goal of te paper

paragraph 2-4: (body) utilize the sources from popular media,scholary,non-scholary sources to answer the question and relate it to the micro and meso levels.

conclusion paragraph: general summary of the findings, used objectively to inform reader (you can use a general subjective opinion to conclude the essay as it relates to a general stand on the issue)