How does Greek translate into English in Bible

do a word study on the two words translated SickIn James 5:14-15.
1.there is a Sickboth in Jamse 5:14. the sick in James 5:14 is translated from the Greek word AstheneA?”(No. 770), the AstheneA?also translated into other different english words in bible. here is the list of all the words that translate from AstheneA?”,the link is (cfm?StrongsG2577&tKJV),the word with No.2577 is translated from the Greek word”kamnA?”.
3.determine the range of meaning for these two Greek words and list their possible meaning (with each possible meaning list all the verses that all the verses that correspond to that meaning, use the list given above). do not simply reproduce the Outline of biblical usagefrom, make your own list of meaning. u need to do those two Greek words separately.
4.Based on the context of James 5:14-15 and the way these words are used elsewhere in the NT, discuss what you think these words mean in James 5 and why you come to this conclusion.