How does higher education affect the economic growth of U.S. and China

an economist writer is prefered to do this paper ,
please paraphrase the document that i will attach, i am writing a paper about how does higher education affect the economic growth , i need you to do the first part which introduction and the litrature review , i already provided all the artciles that i want you to summrize it and paraphrae it ( and cited and the end), the last part ( you will find in in the document why china”) i will add it in my paper , but dont include it in the litrature review ( there are only 5 artivles of litrature review .
note : there is a diagram in the document , which you dont have to do anything about it.

please when you summrize do not skip some important parts of each litrature , try to get all the imortant notes , and if there any economic model please add them .
try to match the context when you jump from one litrarure to the other .
again , china will be in a separate part , just paraphrase it and summrize it please