How does historial perspective enhance our understanding of childhood in the present

The question is How does a historical perspective enhance our understanding of childhood in the present?
The main resource for this assignment will be Book 1, Chapter 2, though the other chapters in the book may also be useful. This chapter profiles the work of influential historians of childhood. In doing so, the chapter traces the development of key ideas that have emerged over time as dominant ways of thinking about children and childhood.
This assignment requires an essay-based response asking you to develop an argument about how understanding history can help us to make sense of the present. There are several ways of approaching this assignment. You could provide an overview of how childhood is constructed in the present and explore the historical lineage of these ideas. Or alternatively, you could take a more in-depth look at one or two features that characterise childhood in the present and how they relate to past ideas or conditions. Of course, you might want to argue that history provides little understanding of the present, or less than is sometimes claimed. Whatever structure you choose, writing an essay requires you to interpret the question and, in this instance, to make a case for or against the significance of historical studies as a way of understanding childhood in the present.

Referencing Requirements:
understanding childhood a cross disciplinary approach. Open University