How does McDonalds alter its marketing mix between countries? a case study of UK and China.

Dissertation Outline

Chap 1 Introduction
Clear indication of what the work is about and how it relates to theory (including about six references). Last paragraph ought to summarize what you intend to do; with a general research question.

Chap 2 Literature Review
Start off with general literature associated within the prescribed area of study. Then focus more toward your case study, again backing it up with a critical (agree/disagree and why) approach to the more specific literature.

Chap 3 Research Methodology
Identify the type of research methodology that you intend to use and why e.g. case study with a mixed method of data collection and analysis together with why! Ensure that you state and give clear reasons as to whether you are using a deductive or inductive approach to your study. Also, clearly identify what benefit the study will have i.e. What contribution to existing knowledge do you think your study will make. Clearly describe the types of analysis that will be used.

Chap 4 Data Collection and Analysis
This relates directly to the previous chapter, and gives more specified details on how data is to be collected, were the methods that you used successful what were their weaknesses. How did you conduct your analyses, were there any problems/issues that you came across and how did you deal with them.

Chap 5 Conclusions and Recommendations
What did the analysis tell you. What can you infer from it. Can anything be inferred in general terms or are they specific to your case study. What suggestions can you make based on your conclusions and what would you have done differently if you had the time/chance to do so?

Alphabetical listing of references that were cited within your dissertation along with any relevant material that you read but did not cite. This must follow the Harvard style of referencing.