How does psychology affect me(or us) in everyday life….( whatever….)

(500 Word Count)

In essay form, discuss the following issues which might have influenced your thoughts, or preconceptions about the study of psychology. Assignment is to be typewritten, double spaced, using Ariel Pt.14 font and include a Cover Sheet with Word Count on the last page.

1. Compare your general opinion of the field of psychology before starting this course
with your current thinking about the field.

2. Discuss what role, if any, you think psychology plays in your daily life and in your
interaction with others?

3. Discuss what you think you might gain personally and/or professionally
(besides credit) by taking this course.

4. After perusing the textbook cite two (2) chapters that are of particular interest to you and discuss your reasons for these choices. In addition, tell what areas in the chapters you would like to investigate (research) further.
*Im interested in Social psychology.