How does stress affect employee performance in the workplace.

This assignment is associated with Research Methods Module.

Assignment Brief.

A critical discussion of Research Methods and approaches and the justification of the research design framework. .

1. Your research methods section should include:

a. Discussions, using the research methods textbooks, to briefly describe the various aspects of epistemology and the theoretical perspectives associated with research methods justifying why you will be adopting the approaches that you feel are best suited for your research topic.
b. Brief discussions, again using the research methods texts, on inductive, deductive approaches and quantative, qualitative data collection methods again relating these discussions to your own research as to why you will be adopting those aspects you think will be appropriate to your research.
c. Discuss which research methodology you will be adopting and why.
d. Provide a critical review of at least three data collection methods and why you feel these are appropriate for your research. Provide a brief account of who data will be sought from and why this will help you achieve your objective(s)
e. Consideration of the issues of triangulation, validity and reliability in the research design process
(2000 words for parts 1)
2. A critical evaluation of the overall research design including any limitations in the approaches chosen and the possible impact these may have on the research objectives. (500 words) This should reflect any particular constraints in the specific context of your research. This section is worth 10% of the available marks.