How does the media portray women in action movie and how has it changed over time?

can you also keep the english language very simple thank you

how does the media portray women in action movie and how has it changed over time?

for this dissertation you will have to show the howyou would take on this question rather than answer the question itself

STEP 1 a Decide on your topic

Identify an appropriate media topic and set the main research question that will be investigated (Try to narrow it down as much as possible a For example, deciding that

you are going to study violence on TV is too broad and needs to be re-addressed from a more focused viewpoint).

STEP 2 a Identify a suitable research method(s)

Identify an appropriate method (or methods) from those listed below. Remember, the method(s) you choose must be appropriate to your research question:

a? Survey questionnaire (approximate number of respondents a 30)

a? Semi-structured (in-depth) interview (approximate number of interviewees

a 5)

a? Focus group interview (2 focus groups)

a? Short-term participant observation (maximum time in site a three 8-hour


a? Content analysis (approximate number of texts to be analysed a 20)

NB: Some research topics might require a triangulated research approach (i.e. it might be necessary to employ more than one method)

STEP 3 a Plan and conduct the research

Using your chosen method, conduct your research. Remember to do the following:

i. Design and plan the research a This includes identifying your respondents (e.g. a?interviewees), selecting them by using an appropriate sampling method, and a?generally taking all the necessary steps to plan and conduct the research.

ii. Conduct the research. Remember to take detailed notes during the research, if it is appropriate. This will be essential reference material to go back to, when you a?come to write up the report.

STEP 4 a Plan and write the report

What you write must be related to existing published academic theories and methodologies. It should not be a simple description of what you did and what you thought about it. All of your reflections should be academically and theoretically informed.


Kumar, R. (2011) Research Methodology: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners, 3rd Edition, London: Sage

Wimmer, R. D. and Dominick J. R. (2011) Mass Media Research: An introduction, 9th Edition, United Kingdom: Wadsworth

talk about how in psyco women are portrayed an object to look at

also write things have changed over time e.g in Caggnie and Lasie there are women police and how everyone thought this film would be a flop because women are seen as to be sexy and glamorous

mention how they use representation work in film

also mention how there are now super hero women in films e.g in the avengers film

and write about the research method you would carry outsemiotics, feminist theory, and how feminist theory is related to the study

i will send you an attachment of another dissertation so you can see the structure of this

Referencing Requirements:

reference is required from primary as well as secondary sources