How does the media shape our perception of crime and the criminal justice system?

this is a sociology/criminology research paper. the course is about the criminology in australia. therefore the paper is preferred to based on the situation in australia.

it has been requested by the lecturer that sufficient data must be included. moreover, the follwing journal sources are suggested:

-Crime and Justice: a review of research
-Law and Society Review
-Punishment and Society: the international journal of penology
-Theoretical Criminology: an international journal
-Advances in Criminological Theory
-Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology
-Crime and Delinquency
-Criminal Justice and Behavior
-Criminal Justice History : an International Annual
-Criminology and Criminal Justice
-Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology
-Journal of Quantitative Criminology

i know it is a bit rush to pur up this request. however, i still have two paper to go which due in the same week. i really cant mangage to finish three paper at one time. this is a very important course for me and i really have to get a good mark for it. i really need help from professional criminology/sociology people for this paper.

thank you so much for your help and i will keep looking for useful journal articles and upload them for your references.