How does the portable smart phones or computers make easy for doctors to not be on the sceen but still assist nurses, EMTs, etc.

make it 1879 words. include data design, data warehouses, database syatems

) Choose a company and a competitor to compete against;
2) Use Porters 5-Forces to select the companys strategic structure and how it creates a barrier to entry by the rival (s) choose only 1 force;
3) Choose how technology is positioned logically (the users point of view) to compete;
4) And choose the physical architecture at a high level, which supports the logical solution. This can be simple implementation, medium size business, enterprise-wide, national in scope, global in scope, and/or with the internet.

There are many great examples because of the change from the old way of doing business to the new way to do business. I recommend choosing a business that is familiar, and simple from a business standpoint. This way you dont spend a lot of time attempting to explain the business, and you spend more time showing how technology provides an advantage for the business over its rivals and creates value. Value means increase profit and increased ROI for share holders