How does the Starbucks succeed in America

1. Pick a topic that will enable you to write an objective analysis (your English 120 book refers to these as Informational). I do not want a persuasive paper; in other words, do not start your paper with the goal of proving some belief system you already have. Instead, the key to approaching an objective research assignment is to be curious about a topic. If you are setting out to prove something, then you will not be thorough and open to all points of view. For this reason, I do not want any research papers on abortion or gun control.

2. Try to find a topic that is not overdone. Taking some time to scan newspapers or news magazines might yield a topic you hadnat considered before. Try reviewing essay topics from our textbook; we will not be reading all the essays so that scanning the table of contents might give you ideas.

3. Be sure your essay is well organized around a thesis.

4. Do not simply gather data (what to do on a vacation in Florence, Italy or the history of. . or a bunch of facts about cannabis.). Gathering data is a report, not an analysis. You are going to state a claim about your topic. Researching a disease is a topic that is particularly susceptible to reporting, what I call a a?data dump.a? Avoid this topic or be very sure you are analyzing some aspect of it.

5. Do not expect to know your thesis statement when you start out. You might have some notions, but the thesis should come with thorough research.

6. Use quotes and paraphrases to support your claims and be sure that for each you have an in-text citation. However be careful not to overuse these; in other words, research is not a pasting together of other peopleas thoughts. Avoid use of longer quotes, but, if they are important to support a claim, use block quotes for quotes over two sentences.

7. The tone of the research paper is more formal than any of the papers weave written so far. Poetic language or first person experience is not appropriate, unless you are using specific personal experience that clearly supports a claim. One exception to this guideline might be in your introductory paragraph, where you could indicate how your personal experience led to your research project. In addition, you may use a?Ia? in reference to primary research, such as interviews.

8. Your chance to use creativity comes during the process of uncovering sources. The best papers find surprising or unusual data to bring an interesting twist to the research. This is the phase worth an investment of your time. Further, the way you shape your topic is a chance to be creative. Itas so important to understand that there is a phase of research where you are unsure of a direction, or it is hard to find sources; you have to be prepared and allow time to explore your topic and sift through a lot of material. Curiosity and exploration and perseverance ARE THE RESEARCH PROCESS.

9. Failure to use correct MLA page layout, in-text citations and works cited will result in a reduced grade, that is, one entire grade.