How does the trend of fast fashion clothing influence young peoples buying behaviours?

I have completed the literature review, but one small part left which is the young consumer (HOW THEY SEARCH FOR INFORMATION)

1. I want you to write me a page of (200 words) with references on how the young consumer search for info when buying decision.. i want an academic source , it has to be mentioned at the end before the picture of the model..
I have copy pasted a graph (as an example of how young people search in H&M web) which if you think you could link it with the previous paragraph and write about then you can ..
I have also copied from a source on how customer search for info .. if you dont think its relevant then choose from your own.. i want authors and back ref on how the young people search for info.. i hope its clear
AS its one of main section in the model that am using in this dissertation ..

2. VERY IMPORTANT in page 12 .. if you can find 2 more studies that specify on ( the role of brand image to fast fashion more directly?)
it will be highlighted in tellow.. (THIS WILL BE THE REMAINING 50 words you can write about)

3. also I have highlighted two or three (..ref..) in yellow which I want you to find a source that said this thing ,, if you can find and cite them.. its in page 3 and 11

Please read careful the literature and try to write it in a good way as the second objective of my study is how the young people search for info .. so I have to write about that in the literature ….

Let me know if you have any question.. and please be critical and coherent when you write it ..

I will attach you the file after I do the payment
Thank you