How does the trend of i??fast fashioni?? clothing influence young peoplei??s buying behaviours?

Literature review:
This is only one section from the literature
The study is about how does the trend of i??fast fashioni?? clothing influence young peoplei??s buying behaviours?
So in the literature review I have chosen the stimulus response model for my research. And I have included some possible factors. However, I need to give reasons for choosing every factor with 3 or 4 existing studies choose these factor as an influence to the young generation and their buying behaviour. In other words, I need to choose for example price and talk about 3 or 4 researchers included price as the most important factor in their studies, then design same thing . . . for the factors that has no literature or other studies then taking it out.
The factors are 10 mentioned in the model below

but I think the existing literature only focused on price, design, quality, trendy, brand image and advertising.
So If you give good references regarding those 5 or 6 factors will be fine. Threre is below brief explanation on each factor but it was only descriptive and not analysing every factor as I need to come up with every hypothesis when explaining every factor. .
For example priceof fast fashion clothing effect on buying behaviour.
Also you need to state you view point of which factor you think iti??s the most effective. Doni??t use I but write it in critical way. Once you read the mentioned below I hope you will have clear understading.
Place focus on the characteristics of i??youngi?? consumers and how/ which of these factors are particular relevant. Supported with studies specifically on young consumers
Hope iti??s clear

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There are still some major problems in your literature review.

First of all, I am not sure what this Section 2.5 is about, the model appears completely irrelevant and it is so complicated that it becomes a distraction.

Taking out Section 2.5, the sequence and structure of the other sections are ok but the core ideas in each of the section need be largely strengthened and consolidated. Presentation is not clear and sometimes lack of concrete explanation; the flow is also not smooth. It is, to a large extent, due to the presentation style and sentence structure.

Section 2.4 and 2.4.1 should be enriched to be the core part of the LR. You need to articulate the idea and make it clearer that the emergence and popularity of fast fashion is a result of the changing buying behaviours of customers for fashion items, especially that of young customers. You may have to elaborate and emphasise that young customers are an important market segment of fashion items (why?), what are these customersspecific needs and demand (esp. how are they different from more mature customers), what factors affect their purchase, and hence how they promotes the development of the fast fashion concept. This is what I believe you intend to argue in these two sections, but the argument is not clearly and effectively constructed and conveyed. If these two sections are strengthened and enriched, they could form a clear link with 2.5.1 (the hypotheses that you have developed).

Section 2.5.2 is also too brief and superficial. You have not really talked about the 5 stages of the buying decision process, and I am not sure if your findings will address how the stimuli affect each of these 5 stages too. If not, not sure what is the point of having them in the model.

In addition to the comments above please find attached of the comments for the changes that should be done in the literature please read carefully and do the changes according to the instruction, please if there is anything unclear do ask as I really want it to be critically explained with smooth structure, please try to do the changes according the instruction above and in the attached file.

then can you calculate the charges and let them send me email so I can make the payment. If you think in some paragraphs specially in the buying behavior, if there is need for saying opinion about the importance of targeting young and why its better for this dissertation in your point of view instead of old you feel free to add as I want this literature to be critically explained than just description. If you can do that ILl be really grateful.


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