How does water quality affect the rate of Co2 in photosynthesis in Mosquito fern?

I posted for you almost everything that you will need . You should find 3 sources as well to support the result and the whole paper . it is kind of scientific writing . In excel data you will need to do a graph about just the difference . we already do the experience and you will find in the paper that I post what we did you need to writing them done clearly in the method part I think . Mosquito fern , water quality ( good, middle and bad ) treatments and Co2 sensor calibration. we had obtained from three different location on the Boise river different types of water quality ( good, middle and bad ). We had measured the water quality by PH, Nitrites and Ammonia supported by the research by Boise watershed water .Then we had put each type of water quality in different small jars . We had be measured the jars, the water and the plant ( Mosquito fern) on the balance separately. Then we had setted up the Co2 sensor to collect the date of the rate of Co2 photosynthesis . After that we leave the plants inside each treatments of the water quality for a week to do the same thing after that and collect the new datas for our experiment. After a week, we noticed that the color of the water in each quilty has been change a little . The good water was the clearest one, the middle quality water has a little clear color and flying impurities from the plant and the bad quality water had very dark color and it was not that clear with a lot of impurities from the plant that was in the jar. After this observation, we measured the jars, plant and water again on the balance , and we setted up the Co2 gas to see the rate of Co2 in photosynthesis. Then we collected all the datas. We noticed that moderate water has 0.25 of Nitrites and no Ammonia. all these datas you will see it in the excel that I posted it . If you need any question please ask me . please I need to get A in this paper because I have to make A .Thank you in advance