How drug use in the 60s and 70s affected society then and now.

The paper should be approximately three to four double-spaced pages. A good paper
will have all of the following elements:
a? an introduction with a clear thesis statement
a? main points guiding several body paragraphs
a? specific evidence and examples to support your main points
a? a conclusion
a? citation of sources in the Chicago format

Special Note on the Thesis: The single most important sentence in this paper is your
thesis statement, so pay special attention to it. You should put your thesis at the end of
your introduction paragraph. An excellent resource showing good examples of thesis
statements in a history paper can be found here:
11/14 at 11:55 pm. Remember this is a very strict deadline, so submit it a little early if
you can.

Grading Criteria:
Argument: 30 points Is your thesis clear, interesting, and based on evidence?
Do your thesis and main points reflect a robust and nuanced understanding of key ideas from this course?
Structure and Clarity: 30 points Are your ideas presented in a logical manner throughout the paper?
Does the paper have strong topic sentences to guide the reader?
Can the reader effortlessly understand what you mean in this paper?
Evidence/Specific Examples: 30 points Do your evidence, facts, and examples support your thesis?
Do you use evidence that is specific and rich?
Is your evidence thorough enough to support your thesis?
Mechanics of the Writing: 10 points Is this paper free from distracting spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors?
Is this paper properly cited?
Are citations in the Chicago style?