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Outcome 1 a Understand research terminology and its importance in research

Outcome 2 a Carrying out academic research


Research activities are usually authorised by a (funding) body who review a a?research proposala? which is designed to meet the objectives set by the body. This is true of government research, industrial research, academic research at doctoral and masters levels and a in your case a as a requirement for your Business Project next year.


1) Select an appropriate and relevant research topic. You will recall that we have discussed this in our sessions over the last few weeks. This needs to

- Ideally, be business related, according to your degree specialism

- be a a?reala issue, problem or opportunity facing organisations in a specific industry sector chosen by you (i.e. relating to the exercises completed in class on 6/3/13)

- be a subject that is likely to be valid between now and April 2014 when you submit your Business Research Project report

- require both secondary and primary research in order to be successfully undertaken

3) Using the prescribed format, develop and write a research proposal for your chosen topic which describes what you are going to do and why and how you are going to do it.

Guidelines (for tasks 2, 3)

- Failure to agree your topic and submit your sheet by 27th March 2013 will result in a 10% penalty. This penalty will also apply if you change your topic without agreement.

- Your proposal must follow the structure as shown in the template provided

- There should be evidence that you have read articles and books which deal with your topic area as well as resources relating to the research process. This means that you must include a bibliography covering your topic area and research methodology.

- Develop one or two (maximum) key research questions that you plan to seek answers to, and formulate research aims and objectives relative to each question.

- Keep your objectives broad. You are not expected, at this stage, to finalise these, although they should be broadly relevant to your topic area and research question(s).

In marking the work, the tutor will use the following as a guideline:

Area Maximum Percentage

Choice of topic a the extent to which the topic lend itself to research (includes rationale and introduction) 15

Research questions, aims and objectives a the extent to which they link together and lend themselves to research 20

Literature review a the extent to which it is relevant to research questions 25

Methodology a use of theory, how effective the approach would be to address research questions (includes ethical conduct) 20

Contribution 10

Presentation and writing skills 10

link proposal to accounting