How E recruitment can be more effictive than they other types of recruitment

This assignment, in conjunction with the first assignment, forms your complete research proposal, and it will
serve as your map to your dissertation and should contain the follow sections:

1. Research Philosophy. In which philosophical paradigm are you rooting your dissertation [Lecture 6]
2. Data Collection Methods How are you getting your data and what data collection tools are you using
[Lectures 7, 8 & 9]
3. Data Analysis Techniques. How are you going analyse your data when you have collected it [Lectures 7, 8
& 9 and Tutorials 6 & 7]
4. Ethical Issues [Lecture 10]

5. Structure of final work. What will be the final structure of your dissertation look like, e.g. draft chapter
headings, other main sections to your work, etc.? [Reflect back on Lecture 1

Referencing Requirements:
N.B. Please remember that the Methodology section should be heavily referenced, drawing on general
methodology textbooks, books that focus on particular data collection methods and analysis techniques and
ethics, and loads of journal articles. Now, of course you will be asking how many references are required. The
answer is as many as necessarya¦ however, again, at least 20 to 30.