How effective are services in treating individuals who self harm

The paper must include clarifying the meaning of self-harm and distinguishes self-harm from suicide. Identfying the main treaments models that are applied in current UK and American clinical practice these include; psychological, behavioural,biosocial. Each of these is critically considered in terms of thier effectivness.
Part of the study will include attention to the prevalence of self-injury within institutions included are the secure hospital wards, the armed forces, prison populations and supported residential settings.
Finally consideration is given to exploring a strengths model approach.

The dissertation proposal must contain the following sections and these need to be written in the same sequence as follows

II. BACKGROUND: contextualise the study with reference to your own practice context and your own motivation and interest. This may include information about the legal and social policy context.
III. LITERATURE REVIEW: a literature review showing what is known in the area. It is expected that discussion of Research articles and reports will feature prominently in this section.
II. importance of the problem and the need to conduct the dissertation study (why?).
III. RESEARCH QUESTION: what is the question you want to answer by doing this piece of research?
IV. AIM & OBJECTIVES: a clearly focused statement as to the purpose of this research and must be congruent with the title.
V. METHODOLOGY: how you intend to conduct the dissertation study (especially the processes of data collection and data analysis, in repsect of it being literature based.
VI. ETHICAL ISSUES: identification of ethical issues that will face you in the role of researcher and your plan for dealing with these.
include social/nursing work code of ethics
VII. TIMESCALE for completion of work (not included in word count). This to a breakdown of tasks related to approximate dates. must be completed by June 2009
VIII. LIST OF REFERENCES: (not included in word count)

Please note I still not sure of the title please alter if necessary to fit the proposal